Cervical Spondylosis is a medical term for neck pain that affects the cervical spine. The pain can spread to the shoulders, back, collar bone, shoulder joints, and both sides of the neck. Sometimes, the pain may be felt in both arms or in the arms joints.

The medical system of treatment gives the patient heat compression, collars on the neck and medicines. These medicinal aids may provide some relief for the patient, but they don’t guarantee complete healing. Uncertain of the medicinal effects, doctors often advise patients to also do physical exercises to cure it. We have found that these physical exercises are effective in curing many ailments. They are less effective than yoga postures. It is clear that, while there are uncertainties about the effectiveness of medicines and physical exercise, there is a certain amount of yoga as a cure. Let me briefly explain the causes and the treatment with yogic yoga.

The Causes and Treatments of Neck Pain

There are many causes of neck pain. You could have neck pain from sleeping with a high pillow under your head. You could also be prone to bending your head for too long, instead of keeping it straight. This could also be caused by rigidity in the muscles and nerves of the neck and shoulder regions, which can obstruct blood circulation.

For neck pain relief, try these yoga exercises

(i) Taking proper diet,

(iii) Correcting errors and bad habits

(iii) Practicing some selected yoga asanas.

The diet for patients suffering from neck pain should be the same as that recommended for Arthritic patients. Patients should follow the recommendations in their diet. Patients must practice yoga regularly in order to reap the full benefits. Patients should use a thin pillow to sleep and avoid excessively bending their necks. Yoga will automatically correct rigidity and poor blood circulation.