Our story starts in 1995 when Matt Roren formed his first real band, The Microwave Orphans. At the time, Nick Berlingieri was playing drums for punk/ska legends Freaks from the Apocalypse. Mitch Grafstein had been an original member of the Freaks, but had left the band just before Nick replaced their original drummer. The Microwave Orphans and The Freaks played tons of shows together and Matt Roren also released one of their demos and their full length CD on his record label, Eiffel Trousers Records.

Matt Roren met Matt Dallow while Roren was at school for video production. Dallow was a classroom over in advertising arts, and was a mutual friend of the Freaks as well as the guy who was doing their artwork and promotions. Dallow unknowingly asked Roren if he wanted to buy a Freaks demo, rather ironic considering the Freaks were on Roren’s record label. A few weeks later Roren asked Dallow if he would like to join the Microwave Orphans.

Roren later met Dave Harrison through a mutual friend, George Tabb of Furious George and Maximum Rock N’ Roll fame. Dave was fronting a band called The Teenage Supplicants back in those days, and Roren came into contact with Dave when he needed a band to fill a last minute slot. Dave would later get a job with Roren at Tower Records, join The Microwave Orphans, and become one of his best friends.

By this time, Freaks from the Apocalypse had parted ways and Nick found himself finishing college and spending hours alone practicing while enduring numerous failed attempts at getting a new band together. At this point, Mitch had joined The Microwave Orphans on their last leg, the time between coming back from a tour and breaking up. Sadly enough after 7 years of rock The Microwave Orphans also passed on.

The Repercussions were born in the fall of 2002 when Matt Roren (vocals), Dave Harrison (guitar), and Mitch Grafstein (bass guitar) spoke about forming a band that represented their musical influences while simultaneously creating a sound of their own. After recruiting Matt Dallow (guitar) and Nick Berlingieri (drums), the lineup was set. The band quickly began writing songs, and after a short period of time, made their debut to a packed club on Long Island, quickly gaining new fans and converting old fans into fans of The Repercussions. Since their first appearance, The Repercussions have played a variety of shows in and around Long Island and the New York City area, even playing for a crowd of inmates at a women’s juvenile correctional facility!

The band credits their growing popularity to their boundless energy, the ability to elicit both laughter and dancing from the audience, and of course a style steeped in the tradition of rock ‘n roll’s greatest performers. Although many have called them a “garage rock band” (and that is certainly no insult), the band has a variety of influences, from 50’s R&B to 60’s British Invasion to Motown and Stax soul, as well as 70’s punk rock and power pop