Pneumonia is the inflammation of one lung, whereas double pneumonia is inflammation of both the lungs. The air sacs are filled with thick secretions and become solid in the late stage of the disease.

Causes and Symptoms Of Pneumonia

As in most disease, allopathic believes that pneumia is caused by an organism , pneumococcus, which has an incubation period of two to six days. The attack usually begins with a fit of shivering or in the case of children, with convulsions. The temperature rises at once from 38.3ºC to 39.4ºC; the pulse is rapid and breathing shallow and painful.

There is coughing and the phlegm produced is sticky and sometimes, flecked with blood. The temperature continues at about 40ºC for about a week. After that it has a tendency to fall suddenly and the patient experiences copious perspiration and a sinking feeling with extreme prostration. Pain which accompanies the onset of the disease may cease, but sometimes travels to the pit of the stomach. This may confuse the physician , who may diagnose it to be of abdominal origin. A pneumonia patient generally complains of sleeplessness, and the effected side of the chest may stop moving during inspiration and expiration.

The whole situation is compounded if both the lungs are affected and double pneumonia develops. The disease sometimes leads to pleurisy or inflammation of the pleura, and collection of fluid in the pleural cavity which is a serious condition. Ayurveda believes that pneumonia is caused by the disturbance of the vata dosha in the body. The most critical period in the course of the disease is the crisis that may occur on the tenth day from the onset of the fever when the temperature suddenly falls to normal. The patient perspires profusely and there is extreme weakness with feeble breathing.

Diet and other Regimen For Pneumonia

Diet should consist of light and easily-digestible foods. Warm soups are recommended. Till the fever persists the patient should keep himself protected against the cold. After the fever comes down light exercise, starting with walking is recommended.