Nate Marshall – Complex Musician

Nate Marshall is an 18-year old guy who was included in the top 36 contestants of the eighth season of American Idol. He tried his luck in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Nate Marshall spent his childhood and eventually matured in New York. He started honing his singing talent when he was just 2 years old and even shared it with other people through the choir he belonged to when he was still in high school. Maybe because he was exposed to music early in his life, he eventually discovered his passion for it. That is why in his teen years, he explored and widened his horizons by playing some instruments like the guitar. As a matter of fact, he really got inspired with his music that he eventually found other people sharing the same passion as his and created their own music. One concrete example of this is the fact that 4 years ago (2005), he joined a group which eventually went with the name “Nate and Kate”; he toured and recorded one album with them.

Would you believe that at just the age of 18, one of Nate Marshall’s achievements is already releasing his first and full-length album where his original compositions and music are all contained; his album carried the name “Generation Why?” Though the truth is this is not a surprising thing for someone as talented and well-rounded person as Nate because he can play several instruments like piano, harmonica, cello, kazoo, tambourine, ukulele and even banjo. It was even reported that his music and tunes can be found and enjoyed in his MySpace profile online. Most of the time, he is compared to a famous musician, Bob Dylan.

The surprising thing is that even though he has achieved many things in his life already, many people still doubt his real capabilities and his right to be included in American Idol. Many are actually trying to figure out his real personality – whether he is annoying or entertaining. Maybe this is because of the fact that even though he has already achieved a lot of things in the music industry, many people still perceive him as someone with a really different personality. Most people actually try to classify him as ‘theatrical.’ Whether this means good or bad, we honestly do not know. What people should always remember is that a talented person like Nate Marshall should not let other people tear him down and influence the way he sees music in his life. The most important thing for him to do is just continue doing his thing and be true to himself, and hope that other people will eventually understand his personality. After all, it is not every single day that people find a musician and a person in general, that is as talented and exquisite as Nate Marshall.

Truly, American Idol will serve as a way for people to get to know this musician more and understand him better. After all, that is what this reality show is all about – directing people to the greatness they have within themselves.