Kendall Beard – Claiming Her Spot in the Maintsream Music Industry

This blonde Texan is not new to the making music.  Kendall Beard has been making music since she was a young teener.  As a young musician, she travelled around Texas with her band performing in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo among others places.  What is notable about her is that she had dyslexia as a student at the St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.  Beard credits her school’s staff for helping her overcome her dyslexia.  When she went to college to get her degree in communication studies, she had to put her pursuit of a career in music for a while.

After she graduated from the University of Texas, she attended one of the University’s internship programs in Los Angeles, Califonia.  While interning at the artist publicity department of Sony BMG, Kendall Beard rediscovered her love for making music and performing rather than dealing with the business side of music.  It was during that time when she started making her own music.  She was discovered by Jeffrey Weber, a Grammy award winning producer, and was contracted to record her very own self-titled album.  Playing with her band in Austin has not stopped Beard from dreaming about becoming the next American Idol.  She has always wanted to try out for the talent competition but she chose to wait things out until she finished college.  Now age 24, Beard has succeeded in landing a spot in American Idol Season 8’s Top 36 semi-finalists.

It was in Puerto Rico where Kendall Beard chose to audition for this season’s American Idol competition.  Oddly, this pretty young blonde Texan was the first to be put through to Hollywood in an audition held in Puerto Rico.  She earned the judges’ thumbs ups when she performed “From the Ashes” by Martina McBride.  She got her golden ticket to Hollywood where she went through the succeeding rounds where she sang “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan and “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood.  Her performance, although considered to be bad song choices by the judges, were good enough for her to be put through the succeeding episodes.  Beard has shared the limelight with the other contestants in the Top 36 who hoped to make enough of an impression on the viewers to make it to the Top 12 finalists.

Kendall Beard was part of the third group of semi-finalists set to perform their solos, after which the viewers can text in their votes to determine which three contestants will make it to the Top 12.  As with the other groups of semi-finalists, the top male performer, the top female performer, and the one with the next highest number of text votes.  Three others as determined by the judges will make it through to the Top 12 in the Wild Card round where the other contestants who did not get enough viewers’ text votes will be given a second chance.  It is proving to be an exciting yet scary time for Beard. Kendall Beard hoped that her love for music will shine through and be enough to make her succeed as the next American Idol.