How To Shop For Cheap Bass Guitars

If you are just venturing into the world of music and your instrument of choice is a bass guitar you will probably want to look at a selection of cheap bass guitars for sale. However, you do not want to base your decision on price alone when it comes to buying any instrument. Cheap bass guitars invariably sound fairly hollow and they are often flimsy and will break if they get too much rigorous treatment.

Buying The Cheapest Bass Guitar

There are times when you may want to consider buying really cheap bass guitars. If you are buying a guitar for a child who is interested in learning to play bass guitar you probably would not want to invest too much money. Not only will a child outgrow a smaller bass guitar fairly soon, but they may end up losing interest in playing it after a few months. It makes sense, in this situation to buy cheap guitars. In fact, if you want to teach yourself guitar and you are not planning on playing live music, you could definitely start off with a cheap guitar and save up your money to buy a better quality guitar later on.

Where To Buy Cheap Bass Guitars

Most musicians do not recommend buying instruments from larger discount stores but to rather purchase them from stores that specialize in selling guitars. However, if you want a very basic guitar to learn on you may want to consider buying something from Target or Walmart. The guitar will not be perfect, but it will be cheap and good enough for a new beginner to learn to play guitar with.

Remember to buy guitar straps and check out theirguitar cases too. You will often find used good cheap bass guitars advertised in newspapers or in music stores. If you are somewhat familiar with bass guitars, this may be the best option. You can get something that gives out better sound yet is still relatively cheaply priced.

It is also possible to buy really cheap bass guitars online from places such as eBay, where there are usually quite a few auctioned off, or from Craigslist. The downside of buying online is that you have to base your decision on photographs and you will need to pay for shipping.

Suggestions Of Good Cheap Bass Guitars

If you are looking for specific brands of cheap bass guitars for sale, there are quite a few to choose from. You cannot always judge a guitar by how much it costs; there are other factors to consider such as how it sounds and how easy it is to play. Usually cheaper name-brand guitars have fairly good craftsmanship but their electronics are somewhat inferior when compared to more expensive models. If you are not playing publically that is not such an issue.

Yamaha makes some great entry-level bass guitars that are not overly expensive and that are quite good for learning to play bass guitar. The Yamaha RBX170 or RBX374 are both great entry level guitars that cost under $300. Fenders is another fairly low priced guitar yet relatively well made –these cost anywhere from $150 to $250. Epiphone make Gibson lookalike bass guitars with their costing under $300. Ibanez produce a whole range of low priced bass guitars–under $300–which, while not perfect, are certainly good enough for a learner to use.

Tips for Buying Cheap Bass Guitars

In summary, here are a few tips for those wanting to pick up a cheap bass guitar. Whenever possible buy a cheaper model of a known brand name guitar. While the quality may not be top, at least you are buying from a company that knows how to make guitars. If you are just learning, buy the cheapest guitar you can and then save up for a more expensive one once you know how to play. Buy a cheap kids guitar. Finally, learn to play on a cheaper 4-string bass guitar, you can buy a more expensive 6-string later, once you are more proficient.