How Dope Rappers Get “Beat” Down

Ever heard of Ras Kass? He is arguably one of the greatest lyricists ever. Seriously. Ras Kass could kick a freestyle in Los Angeles with some other guys, and within a week people in New York were quoting him. Now, you gotta remember, this is the mid nineties, so there was no You Tube, no MySpace… in fact, the Internet barely existed. His lyrics were so frickin incredible that they traveled cross country by word of mouth. He was that good. So you gotta ask: If he was that good, why isn’t Ras Kass a household name? In his own words, Ras Kass “doesn’t give a f*ck about a beat.” This is his downfall, plain and simple… The Best MC With The Worst Beat Is Still A Crappy Song I love lyrics. I love them to the point that I will listen to guys like Ras Kass, even though the beats are awful. This guy could’ve had anyone, anyone, produce his work, but he was so wrapped up in his lyrics that he didn’t focus on the music at all. Nas is tight… and so are his beats. Tupac was tight…and so were his beats. Jay-Z is tight…and so were his beats. Kanye West…well, his beats are tight. So many wack rappers get props because they found themselves backed by a dope producer. I seriously believe Pharell could produce a hit with over 90% of rappers out there.

Remember, people listen to the beat BEFORE they ever hear your vocals, so make sure your beats are on point. Here’s a brief list of where you can get quality beats for cheap: Beats365 has got some really good beats, though you may have to search around to find one you really like. I really like having access to the additional special sound effects, which come in handy… Beats2Rap2 has a better variety, though that may be my personal taste. Clean production and royalty free beats. Craigslist can be place to advertise for beats, though this route tends to be more expensive, as they generally charge by the beat. RapBeatTips is a great resource if you want to learn to do it yourself; a great read! Shameless plug: People who purchase my how to rap course receive over 22 free beats as a special bonus offer, which is nice… Remember, the key thing to remember is: if your beats don’t grab peoples attention, your vocals may never get a chance to. Where do you get your beats from?