Females with sterility are unable to conceive or give birth to a live baby. It is important to distinguish between sterility, or failure to reproduce, and frigidity, which refers to inability to perform the sex act properly or failing to do it.

Causes and Symptoms of Female Sterility

Female sterility can be caused by physical defects, physical debility and functional faults. Poor health can lead to sterility caused by physical debility. This category also includes complaints such as gonorrhea and syphilis. These conditions are aggravated by constipation, chronic anemia, and leucorrhoea. Other factors that can cause sterility include a loss of essential organs or reproduction organs, or a decline in their function. Other factors that can lead to femalesterility include obesity or emaciation, either due to dietetic mistakes or faulty metabolism. Psychosomatic sterility can also be caused by psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, emotional stress, fear, and tension. Psychotherapy can help to correct this condition, which is usually temporary.

Home Remedies For Female Sterility

A specialist should see the patient to determine the exact cause and treat it.

Banyan Roots

One of the most valuable remedies for female sterility is the tender roots of the banyan trees. The roots should be dried in shade and ground into fine powder. Mix about twenty grams of this powder with five times as much milk and take it at night for three consecutive nights. After this remedy has been administered, you should not eat any other food for a brief time. After the end of your menstrual cycle, you should repeat this remedy until conception occurs.

Jambul Leaves

Infusions of fresh, tender jambul leaves are a great remedy for miscarriage or sterility caused by an ovarian functional disorder or ovarian ovaries. You can make the infusion by boiling 250 ml water and adding 20 gm fresh jambul leaves. Let it steep for at least two hours. You can add two teaspoons honey to the infusion or 200 ml buttermilk.

Winter Cherry

Another useful remedy for sterility is the herb winter cherry. For five to six nights, the herb should be ground and six grams should be mixed with one cup milk.


Some cases of sterility can be helped by certain nutrients, including vitamins C and E and zinc. A woman who cannot conceive should consume 1000mg of vitamin C, 100 I.U. Daily intake of vitamin C, 100 I.U. and 30 mg zinc

Diet For Female Sterility

Natural treatment methods that are simple and effective and which include optimum nutrition, can cure physical debility as well as functional flaws in organic nature. Fasting is the best treatment for disorders caused by toxins in your system. Women who are unable or unwilling to have children should fast for two or three days at a time. The treatment of sterility is influenced by diet. It should include seeds, nuts and grains as well as vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. These foods should also be enriched with vegetable oils, honey, milk, and vegetable oils. Curd and cottage cheese should be included. A diet that includes foods in their uncooked natural state should comprise around seventy-eighty percent to eighty percent of the total diet. Cooking can destroy a lot of nutrients. Sprouting is a great way to consume seeds, beans, or grains raw. The nutritional value of the sprouted foods is multiplied, new vitamins and improved protein quality are all added. Avoid excessive fat, spicy foods and refined cereals.

Other Measures

After fasting, cleanse the bowels with warm water. Repeat this process if necessary. This will not only have a positive effect on the digestive system, but also the surrounding cells of the urinary system. Mud packs and cold water treatments such as a hip bath or wet girdle are also helpful in dealing with female sterility. These treatments improve the internal circulation of the genital organs, and they relieve any inflammation. You can apply mud packs to your abdomen and sexual organs. You should take a cold hip bath for ten minutes in water temperatures of 100C-18.30C. A thin, cold-water-wrung underwear should be worn for a wet girdlepack. A thick, woolen or dry cotton underwear should be worn over this. A thick, woolen or dry cotton underwear should be worn over this. During menstruation, all cold treatments should be stopped.