Freestyle Rap Battles

Freestyle rap battles, if done on right, can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Though perhaps not as popular as they were a few years ago, freestyle rap battles remain an significant section of hip culture, and a huge way for up and coming MCs to make respect while sharpening their lyrical skills. Here’s some of the best places current that you can find difficult hitting battle raps… My16Bars.

This website features a whole slew of talented MC’s who are lyrically driven. Many online forums are not moderated well- leaving the door open for sub par trash talking- but My16Bars maintains a high level of quality and features desrving rappers with their own feature page and articles. Jump Off TV. These guys have done a spectacular job of promoting some of the best freestyle battle rappers out there today.

Watching the dynamic duo of Ilmaculate and TheSaurus crush the competion in the past two years has provided hours of entertainment. You find tons of additional battles on their website, or search via YouTube. For anyone concerned in watching out particular battle rappers, I highly advise (in addition to those already mentioned) Eyedea, DZK, Brother Ali, Wordsworth, Jin, Ras Kass and Kanye West (just kidding). If you have a chance, the bonus Eminem rap combats on 8 Mile (the real freestyle battles, not the movie ones) are worth checking out as well. Click here if you want to learn how to rap.

For a more in depth learn of what makes a dope rapper I highly suggest Kool Moe Dee’s There’s a God on the Mic: The 50 Greatest MCs of All TIme. He very breaks down each rapper by 12 of skill degrees, such as songwriting, combat skills, freestyle, showmanship and industriousness affect. It’s a great subject of rap published by one of greats. BET has hosted various freestyle rap battles, though its most common is 106 & Park, which features a weekly battle rap at the end of the show. This is where Jin, one of the most respected battle rappers of the decade, got his great break after gaining week after week (though admittedly, his contender wasn’t that solid some weeks). Freestyle rap battles lost some of their popularity reached from the film 8 Mile, but still remain prominent in the underground hip hop community.