Express Yourself Through World Music

You have heard that less than familiar sound, it’s not a guitar, piano or violin, but you like it. Find out what instrument it is and buy it. Then play around with it and explore the sounds and rhythms you can create, have fun with it.

Recreate and experience the world sounds

Listening to your music collection or at a friend or on the radio, try and reproduce those sounds and rhythms and melodies with your ethnic instrument, play along, then go further and improvise, add your style and character to the song, then make your own song.

Own, Feel and Admire your Unique ethnic instruments

Any instrument you choose must look and feel right to you, as you start to play it, a special relationship will develop and the more you play the instrument the more it will become part of you.

The Evolution of Music

In the constant search for a unique identifying sound, many music bands, whether they are pop, rap, rock, classical, punk, indie, metal, country, jazz, blues, etc. are discovering and experimenting with ethnic musical instruments from all countries of the world. For example Atlas Ensemble is a chamber orchestra consisting of multi-ethnic musicians playing a rich mixture of western and non-western instruments. This requires music written specifically for all the instruments to ensure that their timbres blend well together and the melodies and rhythms are pleasant to the ear.