Buyer’s Guide in Finding Alto Saxophone for Sale

Every saxophone player must have acquainted with alto saxophone in the early period of their musical journey. If you are a student, chances are you are directed to start with alto saxophone before taking the other sax types. This is because it is light to carry and the instrument is the easiest to control compared to the other saxophone members. No wonder beginners often try to get alto saxophone for their first instrument. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you get the best deal from alto saxophone for sale.

Before getting to how to get an alto saxophone, let’s learn a little bit about the instrument. There are 10 types of saxophones; namely from the biggest to the smallest in size: subcontrabass, contrabass, bass, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano, sopranino and soprillo. Alto saxophone is often found in classical performances, although it also reserves a crucial role in jazz, blues, pop, and even funk. If you are playing romantic songs, an alto saxophone will definitely create the romantic spasm with its sound.

Alto saxophone is extremely popular for beginners. That is what the music school and teachers recommend saxophone students to start with. Given that fact, it is no wonder that student alto saxophone for sale is found a lot in the ads. Because obviously as the students go up a level, they would want to upgrade their alto saxophone to a better sounding one and they would put their old one on sale. If this is the type of saxophone you are looking for, you have choices of both new and used alto saxophones. However, there are some things to consider before buying one.

Do your homework right

Read music magazines and find out the pluses and minuses of different brands of alto saxophones. Which fits your budget? Which suits the music level you are at now? These magazines will provide updated news on some discounted new alto saxophone for sale. Online reviews on specific types of alto saxophones will also give you an idea which brand you want to take. Popular ones are Selmer, Yamaha, Jupiter, Canonball and SML. You can get one of these for some hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you are a beginner, you might want to get a cheaper student alto saxophone of one of those brands.

Where to buy

Based on the reviews you have read in the music magazines and online, you will now have an idea which model you want. You may have had the idea of where to buy it, too, especially if the magazines lead you to stores offering discounts on the alto saxophone model you want. If this is the case, you can go straight away and check out the item. If not, get online and google the alto saxophone model you are fancying and compare the prices. However, if you decide to buy online, it is better to buy a new branded saxophone. This is because you don’t get the advantage of seeing the item first hand. Just search “the name of the model or brand you want + for sale”. For example: Yamaha alto saxophone for sale or Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone for sale. Then you will have a huge list of links that you can go through.

Used alto saxophone

If you are after a used alto saxophone for sale, the best chance you have is when you buy it from someone you know who is able to take a good care of musical instruments. If not, have a thorough check before buying. If you are not a player and you are looking for the alto sax for someone else, you should have someone who can play the instrument check for you. Some people sell their saxophones after sitting in dust for many years. Check also with the seller how old the saxophone is and how many times it had gone through repairs. You want as minimum damage to the used saxophone you are buying.

Remember, if you can’t get to see the purchased item before you pay it, go for a new good brand of alto saxophone that has a product warranty. Don’t buy musical instruments in a rush or you might regret it one day.