Everyone loves the hula Hooper, whether they are children or adults. It’s both a great pastime and a very addictive one. It’s a healthy addiction. It’s a fun way to lose weight, strengthen your core muscles, and it can be very relaxing.

What You Need To Get Started With

* A hula Hooper: Be sure to get a beginner’s one. A lighter hoop is better for children.

* Peppy, fast music with beats.

* Clear space for the hoops: It is best to use open spaces. The hoops can be heavy and may cause damage indoors.

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The Benefits of Hula Hooping –

* It lifts your mood: It’s fun and will increase your adrenaline as well as your endorphins.

* Improves flexibility: All the turning and twisting will give your spine a workout.

* Increases blood circulation: The whole body moves in a continuous rhythm

* It reduces stress: This helps people with high blood pressure and lowers stress levels.

* Tone your body: When you balance the hoops, you continuously tense and relax your muscles. This will help shape your body.

The Best Hula Hoops Exercises For Beginners.

You can combine different moves into different routines. This will help you tone your muscles and give you a more toned look. These are the top 9 hula hoops exercise techniques.

Basic Hula Routine:

This is the easiest way to swing the hoops. Beginners will find a natural swing and each person will have a unique swing.

  • It should be held at the waist.
  • Place one foot in front of the opposite and spin.
  • To balance the weight, move back and forth on each leg.

There are two versions of this routine.

STEP 1: Waist Hooping Forward:

If you do this on a daily basis, it can help you burn 600 calories. This involves rotating the hoops forward and back.

STEP 2: Waist Hooping Sideways:

You can do this side-by-side from left to right. This basic routine together will give you an hourglass figure.

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Warm-up Hula Routine

This is a great warm-up before you begin any hula hoops routine.

  • It should be held at the waist.
  • Spread your legs out to your shoulders.
  • Your back and arch should be moved.
  • For a few seconds, hold the pose and then return to your original position.
  • Similar to the previous step, hold the hoops on each side of your arms for a few seconds and then move your arms.

This routine was completed with two more exercises.

STEP 3: Back Stretch Hoop:

Arching back moves strengthen the back muscles and increase flexibility of the spine.

STEP 4: Side Stretch Hoop:

Side pattern: This stretches the sides and is effective on stubborn love handles.

STEP 5 Basic Passing:

It is just passing the hoop around. You are not actually inside the hoop.

Advanced Hooping Exercises

STEP 6 – Side hooping with plies:

These will boost your heart rate, stamina, and tone your inner thighs. This is a sideways waist hooping technique that incorporates progressive squatting. Gradually, squat up or down. You might lose your balance if you use hoops, so it is worth practicing more.

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STEP 7: Ninja Passes:

As you rotate the hoops, this will tone your oblique muscles. They simply pass the hoops from one side to the other.

STEP 8. Halo:

The shoulders and arms get a good workout.

  • Begin at the ankles and bend down to hold it outwards.
  • To raise it, move in circles.
  • Now, use that hand to rotate the arm above your head like a halo.

STEP 9 – Lunges with a Halo:

This is literally one step ahead of the halo step. It can tone the thighs and bum muscles.

  • First, reach the halo step.
  • Now, with the halo, move one leg forward at once.

Let’s have some hoops fun this summer.