We are done with 2020! What an amazing year it was! Most of us agree that the resolution for 2020 must be to eat healthier and exercise more. Wait, did we not make a similar resolution last year? The year before? The one before?

Let’s face it, the motivation we feel in January is temporary and most people will lose it by January. However, it takes longer to build and maintain a stronger physique. It is impossible to exercise only once and expect to reap the benefits for life. It doesn’t work that way. It is not a goal to attain good health, but a lifestyle that must be maintained. We should not set fitness goals but rather encourage healthy lifestyle habits that will improve the quality of our lives. These habits are automatic and do not require any conscious effort or attention.

Below are ten easy, yet powerful ways to build healthy habits.

#1 Mindful/Be Aware

Half the problem can be solved by being aware of where we are at all times and what we do. Our brain is attracted to consistency. Repeating a certain task in a consistent manner creates a pleasant sensation in the brain. Perhaps this is why many of our daily tasks are performed mechanically. Although we know that we do our daily activities, we don’t always realize why or how they are being done. This is not always a good thing. Most people watch their favorite web series or movie while they eat. We don’t usually pay attention to how much food we eat. This is also true for many of our habits like brushing or sleeping. To live a healthier lifestyle, the first step is to be aware of what you are doing right now. For one week, take note of everything you do. Recognize and accept your current habits. This is the first step to changing them.

#2 Less Is More

Growth doesn’t mean adding more to your life, but rather removing unnecessary things from yourself. It is easy to forget that time is limited. We can only do so much in the 24 hours we have available. It can be overwhelming to try and develop a new habit when we have so many things on our plates. As every drop of water makes a powerful ocean, cultivating healthy habits slowly but steadily can make a big difference in your quality of life.

#3 Make It Work

You can achieve anything if you break it down into manageable steps. To make concrete and sustainable changes in every aspect of your life, planning is essential. Planning is essential to develop habits that will transform your body and mind. This is something that most people fail to do. To make the most of your day, you don’t have to plan everything. We just need to plan how we will include those healthy habits in our otherwise hectic schedules. It is easier to follow a plan if you are organized.

#4 Reward yourself

It is difficult to go off the grid. However, if you are doing it to improve your health, an incentive here or there can help. Psychological research has shown that rewards are a powerful way to encourage positive behavior. It can be frustrating to not see the desired progress in your timeline. We feel the opposite of what we should be doing, despite being conscious of the importance and benefits of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. These are the times when our self-control is tested. You can indulge in occasional cheat days, but your ability to stick to your schedule the rest of your day will make all the difference.

#5 Create a Support System

Research shows that our actions in maintaining our health are influenced by the habits and behavior of those close to us. Both subconsciously and directly, our family and friends play a significant role in our daily lives. People who value health and fitness are more likely to influence us. Involving your loved ones in your health-oriented activities will have the added benefit of helping you to stay on track, and giving you that moral boost during difficult times. Rewarding yourself from time-to-time is a great way to keep your self-control in check. You can reward yourself by going to the movies or shopping next time you feel like giving up on that extra pizza slice.

#6 Be Smart

We live in a digital age and are leaving behind digital footprints of our daily activities. These activities can be tracked using apps like Healthily Me, which come with health trackers. Our phones can serve as our best health monitors, since we have them with us everywhere. Despite all the criticisms technology gets about destroying human health, we can still benefit from it, don’t think?

#7 Make it Fun

It is important to have fun with your routine in order to keep it a habit. It is a deeply held belief that in order to succeed, one must first be miserable. This is not always true. It is possible to take up a hobby and make it part of your exercise program. It’s possible to add fun activities to your day that are both beneficial and enjoyable. The same principle can be applied to your diet. You don’t have to eat a boring diet to be good. Your favorite fruits and nuts can be added to your meals. This is a great advantage because you don’t have the need to avoid certain foods. This will solve the procrastination problem we all face.

#8 Visualize

Research has shown that visualization is extremely useful in achieving your goals. Although there are many levels to this visualization technique, the principle is the same. You just need to visualize yourself living a healthy life. There is nothing to lose. It’s worth a shot!

#9 Healthy Consumption

Our reality is created by our minds, based on the visualization principle. It is crucial to give your mind the right thoughts. Many of the things you see and read about the human body can seem contradictory. The best way to get around this is to recognize what works and what doesn’t. It’s a great way to get in the habit of reading and listening to fitness content, such as podcasts, documentaries, and books. Listening to and reading about fitness content can help us develop healthy habits and habits.

#10 Be Patient

When starting a fitness journey, patience is key. We won’t see immediate results which can sometimes be discourageing. This is why many people give up on their fitness goals. Remember that success in any endeavor takes time. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to improve your physical and mental fitness, transform your mind and body, or instill good habits.