It’s a great time to plan your fitness goals for the new year. No matter if you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not, it is a great time to start a few new habits that will help you live a happier, healthier life. To help you achieve your fitness goals and remain healthy throughout the year, check out these 10 fitness tips.

  1. Get back to a routine. You can be healthy by creating a routine that works for your needs and sets you up to succeed.
  2. Establish goals. The more precise, manageable, achievable, realistic, timely, and specific you are in setting goals, the greater your chances of success.
  3. No matter what, move every day. Make it a priority for you to move every day, even if you are ill or injured. It’s better to do a 15-minute workout than go for a stroll around the block.
  4. Get enough sleep. You need to get enough to recharge your body’s batteries. You will have enough energy to get through the day with seven to nine hours sleep.
  5. Do something different. Create a new playlist, invite friends to join you, or try a new exercise program. Mix and match different workouts throughout the week.
  6. Have fun. Include activities that you enjoy. This can make it easy to forget that you’re exercising.
  7. Get out. You’ve likely been trapped inside for too long due to COVID-19 restrictions. Take a stroll around your neighborhood or to a park on a sunny day.
  8. Give one-percent more. You almost never use energy from your workouts. Give that extra one percent this year!
  9. Be proud of the little victories. It takes time to make a difference. You can keep your momentum going by making small changes, such as scheduling 30 minutes for a walk or attending a class this week.
  10. Keep your motivation high. Keeping a positive outlook is key to staying in shape. Regular exercise and writing down your goals on paper can help you stay motivated. Remember why you started!

Make 2021 the year of happiness and good health. Dakotah is here to help you take the next step in your journey towards achieving your fitness goals. Sport and Fitness are here to help you!