Freestyle Rap Battles

Freestyle rap battles, if done on right, can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Though perhaps not as popular as they were a few years ago, freestyle rap battles remain an significant section of hip culture, and a huge way for up and coming MCs to make respect while sharpening their lyrical skills. Here’s some of the best places current that you can find difficult hitting battle raps… My16Bars.

This website features a whole slew of talented MC’s who are lyrically driven. Many online forums are not moderated well- leaving the door open for sub par trash talking- but My16Bars maintains a high level of quality and features desrving rappers with their own feature page and articles. Jump Off TV. These guys have done a spectacular job of promoting some of the best freestyle battle rappers out there today. Continue Reading

ION Electronic Drum Set

ION Audio Sound Session Complete Electronic Drum Set, this electronic drum set fits into a fraction of the space of an acoustic drum set, and comes with everything you need. A rugged, adjustable stand holds the drum and cymbal pads and comes with all the mounting hardware, and the set also includes all the cables you’ll need.

ION Audio make products that help inspire music listeners to become musicians themselves. ION makes music creation accessible to everyone; they offer instruments that utilize the latest technology to make learning-to-play fun. Continue Reading

Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano Reviews

The Casio Privia px-130 has excellent sound quality among the digital pianos available now in market. It revolutionizes the playing experience with digital pianos. It is slim and sleek which ensures that it is highly portable and is versatile. It is the instrument for music learners, has duet mode which helps the teacher and student to play the keyboard at the same time. It has excellent recording features and using USB songs can be moved from computer into PX-130’S Rom, helping you on saving your songs. Imagine all this and more from a keyboard weighing less than 25lbs.

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How Dope Rappers Get “Beat” Down

Ever heard of Ras Kass? He is arguably one of the greatest lyricists ever. Seriously. Ras Kass could kick a freestyle in Los Angeles with some other guys, and within a week people in New York were quoting him. Now, you gotta remember, this is the mid nineties, so there was no You Tube, no MySpace… in fact, the Internet barely existed. His lyrics were so frickin incredible that they traveled cross country by word of mouth. He was that good. So you gotta ask: If he was that good, why isn’t Ras Kass a household name? In his own words, Ras Kass “doesn’t give a f*ck about a beat.” This is his downfall, plain and simple… The Best MC With The Worst Beat Is Still A Crappy Song I love lyrics. I love them to the point that I will listen to guys like Ras Kass, even though the beats are awful. This guy could’ve had anyone, anyone, produce his work, but he was so wrapped up in his lyrics that he didn’t focus on the music at all. Nas is tight… and so are his beats. Tupac was tight…and so were his beats. Jay-Z is tight…and so were his beats. Kanye West…well, his beats are tight. So many wack rappers get props because they found themselves backed by a dope producer. I seriously believe Pharell could produce a hit with over 90% of rappers out there. Continue Reading

Origins of Guitar – Chitarra

The guitar is a pull out rope instrument, regularly played by fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a central portion with a fixed neck to which the strings, regularly six in aggregate, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of differing woods and strung with beast gut or, more freshly, by either nylon or steel ropes. Some new guitars are built of polycarbonate materials. Guitars are built and repaired with luthiers. There are two prime families of guitars: music and electric. music guitars and similar instruments with hollow bodies have been in use for over a thousand years. There are three main types of latest music guitar: the classical guitar, the steel-string music guitar, and the archtop guitar. The effect of an music guitar is produced with the wave of the strings, which is amplified with the corpus of the guitar, that acts as a resonating chamber. The classic guitar is often played as a solo instrument using a complete fingerpicking technique. electrifying guitars, imported in the 1930s, rely on an amplifying device which can electric direct effect. Early powered guitars used a hollow body, but a solid corpus was found more suitable. electrifying guitars have had a continuing profound impact on on universal culture. Continue Reading

Kendall Beard – Claiming Her Spot in the Maintsream Music Industry

This blonde Texan is not new to the making music.  Kendall Beard has been making music since she was a young teener.  As a young musician, she travelled around Texas with her band performing in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo among others places.  What is notable about her is that she had dyslexia as a student at the St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School.  Beard credits her school’s staff for helping her overcome her dyslexia.  When she went to college to get her degree in communication studies, she had to put her pursuit of a career in music for a while. Continue Reading

Nate Marshall – Complex Musician

Nate Marshall is an 18-year old guy who was included in the top 36 contestants of the eighth season of American Idol. He tried his luck in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Nate Marshall spent his childhood and eventually matured in New York. He started honing his singing talent when he was just 2 years old and even shared it with other people through the choir he belonged to when he was still in high school. Maybe because he was exposed to music early in his life, he eventually discovered his passion for it. That is why in his teen years, he explored and widened his horizons by playing some instruments like the guitar. As a matter of fact, he really got inspired with his music that he eventually found other people sharing the same passion as his and created their own music. One concrete example of this is the fact that 4 years ago (2005), he joined a group which eventually went with the name “Nate and Kate”; he toured and recorded one album with them. Continue Reading

How to Play The Electric Guitar Understand Your Options

There are certain things in life that can be very rewarding like learning the process to play electric guitars. When you finally unveiled the tricks on how to play this instrument, you will be very pleased with yourself because a part of your sense of self-importance is heightened.

But understand that learning how to play this instrument takes a big deal of patience and it can become exasperating at times. Although it is vital to go with a kind of structure if you wish to learn how to play the electric guitar better, it is just as critical as learning how to play a simple song every now and then as to speed up the learning curve. Continue Reading

Heard the Musical Comedian Phenomenon

Have you heard of Reggie Watts ?

Reggie Watts is a man of many talents. What can’t this man do? He can sing, play instruments, tell jokes, dance and make you laugh. And all of this at the same time to boot. Referred to in many circles as the “human beat box” because of his wide range of vocal octaves he is truly a man of many talents.

Reggie got his start early, at the age of 5 he studying the classical piano and violin. After high school he studied for a brief time as an art student he went on to study jazz at the Cornish College of the Arts. Spending the 90’s making his way through the Seattle music landscape he sang for the band Maktub which broke up but then reunited and went on to release their album Khronos in 2002. Continue Reading

Furnish Your Complete Desires Related to Music

Music is everywhere we can think of. It’s very much a part of our life and also of whatever we do. You can find music in wind blowing across you, in the chirping of birds, the flowing of water from the rivers, etc. thus, you can easily say that music is in everything that we see and feel. Listening to music is perhaps the most common interests of innumerable number of people across the world. Nearly every person on earth has a fascination for music and loves to either listen it or perhaps follow it in some or the other way. When we talk of music, the first things that we come across are the names of all our favorite musicians and their best songs which are our favorites. Remembering those beautiful and mesmerizing songs, we simply get carried away and start humming them by ourselves. Music thus is a passion for many across the world. Continue Reading