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Dance Your Way To Happiness!!

If you are looking for a dance class that is fun and helps you learn the art in the best possible way, then you are surely at the right place.

We at The Repercussions provide fantastic fun-filled dance classes for all purposes and for students of all types.

No matter if you want to brush up your skills or go for the first time…we have it all to make you learn this art!


Here’s what they say!

My daughter was always bored after school, and hence I made her join the class. The teaching was so excellent that she now dances all around the house!


My wedding was close, and I wasn’t prepared for anything. Thanks to the classes, I was able to gather applause after the first dance!!


My experience with the team at The Repercussions was nice. They made an easy schedule for me and training was great as well.



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If you want to hop in with us, then do let us know by filling up this form!